Special solutions

Focusing on your requirements

We see no reason why customers should not expect impeccable service for semi-finished flat products. Cold-rolled materials from the BILSTEIN CEE a.s. are not all-purpose commodities – they are complex, high-tech products, specifically tailored to their final application. From designing cold-strip products for individual applications, to determining the specifications required of basic materials (e.g. through forming and crash simulations), and validating final products, the BILSTEIN CEE a.s. offers a full end-to-end service.

Our application experts work with our customers' development teams to come up with the ideal material for their components. In doing so, they primarily consider the demands of the component and the processing techniques, though they also look at logistical and financial aspects.

State-of-the-art laboratories, close contact with our suppliers' development departments, and excellent relationships with institutes and universities mean we are able to offer an incredibly wide range of material specification and validation services.