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Application technology

We employ a team of engineers who specialize in material and forming technology, to advise and assist our customers, whatever challenges they may face. Working together with client development teams, they identify the ideal material and strip properties for the application at hand. To ensure consistency throughout the project, we appoint a technical consultant to accompany every stage of the work. The consultant can assist on every aspect from the development of the initial idea, to tracking and documentation of trial orders, and the customer's processing procedures.

Our cold-strip expertise and application technology knowledge management ensure we can answer many queries directly and in full ourselves. Where that is not the case, our excellent links with the research divisions of our own suppliers, universities and institutes mean we can always bring in external expertise with ease to find the answers to your questions.

Close collaboration between our application technology team and product and process development departments mean we can get to work developing solutions to customer requests as quickly as possible. In addition, this collaborative approach ensures customers stay informed about the latest developments for our products, and in the iron and steel industry in general.

If you have a query on steel or how it is processed, our application consultants are always happy to help.