• Coil with horizontal axis, strapped
  • Coil with horizontal axis, wrapped
  • Coil with vertical axis, strapped
  • Coil with vertical axis, wrapped



If not explicitly requested otherwise, our products are coated in anti-corrosion oil for additional protection before shipping. Upon request, we can also provide further anti-corrosion treatments, and offer bespoke packaging solutions. A wide range of packaging material is available here

Where we do not receive any specific instructions from the customer, we package to the following descriptions:

Material with a vertical axis:

Within Germany, coils and bundles with a vertical axis are generally supplied on wooden palets or frames, without any further corrosion protection. For customers in other European countries, these products are covered in an anti-corrosive VCI stretch wrap, depending on the weather conditions during transport and at the destination. Coils are wrapped individually for shipping, and the bundle is then covered with another layer of VCI stretch wrap.

Material with a horizontal axis:

Within Germany, these products are also generally delivered without any additional exterior packaging. Depending on the weather conditions during transport and at the destination, single, stable coils are covered in an anti-corrosive VCI stretch wrap. For shipping, the coils are then also delivered with flanged wheels, inner and outer edge protection, and other internal and external protective features.


Variations in detail