Cold-rolled steel grades for a world of applications

Customers today expect exceptional quality, swift availability, and the choice of a wide range of superior steel grades with different properties. BILSTEIN meets each of these requirements with a uniquely extensive selection of cold-rolled products.

Whether bending, punching, drawing, stretching or deep drawing, BILSTEIN offers steels of all types and grades for a variety of different processing techniques. These include traditional case-hardening steels, heat-treatable steels and spring steels. For unique requirements and operating environments, high-strength low-alloy steels, manganese-boron steels and zinc electroplating options complete our diverse product portfolio.

All BILSTEIN cold-rolled products meet domestic and international standards, and are produced with the greatest precision to ensure the highest quality. The following pages offer a closer look at our full range of options. All cold-rolled products are cut and supplied according to customer specifications. For information on special steel grades, please contact your local BILSTEIN customer advisor.

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